How To Mix Moisturiser With Mineral Makeup

If you love the dewy foundation look but are wondering how to achieve it with a loose mineral powder, fear not! NCinc formulas are designed to work with all skin types, even dry and flaky skin. While excessive layering of any makeup can lead to a cakey appearance and dryness, with the right techniques, you can still achieve a flawless and glowing finish. 

For all-day hydration, make sure to moisturize before applying mineral foundation. This will give you the dewy look you desire and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. 

Ncinc's products are designed to hydrate and give you a smooth, nourished complexion. Our lightweight yet full-coverage formulas allow you to customize your look, from sheer to full-coverage foundation. For tips on preparing your skin for mineral makeup, be sure to check out our makeup blog.