What Do I Use To Remove Mineral Makeup?

How can I effectively remove mineral makeup? How can I ensure that every last trace of makeup is off my face? The fear of waking up with leftover makeup is real! It's a common occurrence when we forget or miss spots while removing makeup after a long day. We dread the thought of waking up with blackheads and blemishes from not properly cleansing our skin. In this article, I will share the best methods for removing makeup and how to guarantee that every bit of it has been removed. 

Makeup wipes are often the go-to choice for many people, but I do not recommend them. While there is nothing inherently wrong with them, I have found that using makeup wipes can quickly cause redness and irritation on my skin. 

Besides basic makeup removers like micellar water, there are additional methods to remove makeup. When using micellar water on round cotton pads, it becomes much easier to remove eye makeup. Oil-based removers are another option as they effectively break down makeup for effortless removal. Remember to always wash your face in addition to using any remover, as double cleansing is essential. For further details on double cleansing, check out our blog post "Should I Be Double Cleansing?"