Cruelty Free Vegan  UK Made Cosmetics




NC-INC was started in 2014 in Manchester England as a small family run business with a huge passion for natural makeup! Creating our product that we loved and selling our own brand of mineral makeup exclusively online via our website.


In May of 2015 the word had spread about our beautiful brand and we took the leap! We registered as a Private Limited company then NC-INC. was born. We have only looked forward and now sell our makeup to people all over the world and in salons here in the UK.


As of 2024 we are now mineral foundation specialists!


We hope to continue to grow as a brand and introduce more product lines as we go. We thank all our current and future customers for their part in the success story of a small British makeup startup! Making our dreams come true with every purchase.





We are a safe, cruelty-free beauty brand who specialise in mineral makeup.


Mineral Makeup is great for ALL skin types. Over time it has become revolutionary. Mineral makeup is made of materials extracted from our precious Earth which are ground into tiny, shimmering particles for our skin’s use.



We are extremly proud of our beauty brand for a few reasons. We wanted to create a product that has a beautiful shine, the light feeling and that flawless coverage. We wanted to create a product that can be kind to the earth, to your skin and to all the animals that we share this home of ours with. Making our product adapt with all skin types was a must. Finally we wanted to make it impossible for you not to love NC-INC.




If you have any queries regarding your purchase, products or just need help our lovely team would be happy to help.

Pop us an email or a dm and we will assist you!