Cruelty Free Vegan  UK Made Cosmetics

Formula Information

Here at NC-INC we have a carefuly constructed formulation of minerals to provide a flawless base for all skin types.



Naturally occurring mineral that provides opacity to the finished product and is a carrier for the pigments and offers a smooth texture. Mica is also used to provide a pearlesant effect offering a soft-focus appearance. Often Talc or Kaolin is used alongside mica but this can give a cakey or very Matt appearance to a final product.


Titanium Dioxide:

In all but the darkest shades where this is replaced with Zinc Oxide to provide the product with coverage. Also provides UV protection.


Zinc oxide:

Provides protective coverage to the formula providing UVA and UVB filters in addition to anti inflammatory properties. Is used widely in sun protection formulations and baby care.


Boron Nitride

Provides a smooth and silky texture to high end makeup and is extensively used in expensive eye shadows. Enhances the spreadablity of the final product and its mattifying effects help to reduce shine and oiliness on the skin. Due to its light diffusing properties, it also masks the appearance of fine lines adding a luxurious feel whilst enhancing the colour pay-off in the powder.


Magnesium Stearate:

Gives slip and adhesion to the powder offering increased wear time. Our magnesium stearate is derived from vegetable oil. Offers a silky feel to the powder and is often used in high end eye shadows.



We use high end pigments in our formulation which are approved for use by the US, UK and Europe. Combinations of Yellow, red, black and ultra-marine are used to give an infinite number of shades. There are 7.88 billion skin shades in the world and no foundation manufacturer can cover every shade but hopefully you will find one in our range to suit your skin shade and undertone!


Red Oxide CL77491

Yellow oxide CL77492

Black Oxide CL77499

Ultra marine CL77007


Jojoba Ester

Similar properties to sebum which contributes to the easing of sebum production on oily skin and provides a creamy texture to the powder whilst improving affinity to the skin.