Do You Need To Use Primer With Mineral Makeup

Applying mineral makeup, as you would with traditional cosmetics? Many individuals opt for primer before applying their regular liquid foundation, but more are transitioning to mineral makeup. This raises the question: should you still use primer under mineral makeup as you would with traditional makeup? 

The answer is no. It is not necessary to use primer before applying mineral products to your face. In fact, using primer with mineral foundation can diminish the performance of the minerals. For best results, use a high-quality moisturizer before applying mineral makeup and finish with a setting spray. 

Why are primers created?

Primers are essential when using a non-mineral, liquid foundation to prevent it from slipping or creasing. Our line of mineral products includes a mineral veil that can be applied under or over foundation to diminish the look of fine lines and pores, ensuring a flawless finish. 

Additionally, our exceptional finishing powder not only sets your makeup but also provides a lightweight, breathable, and silky formula that doesn't feel heavy on your skin. It keeps all your features in place, leaving you with a flawless and natural look. 

There is a growing interest in developing a specialized primer for mineral makeup to enhance its performance. 

Creating a mineral primer can be effective when using the right ingredients. However, the current ingredients used in mineral primers may not provide long-lasting coverage. Some companies are incorporating these ingredients to provide skin smoothing benefits with additional staying power. 

The type of primer you choose to use can also affect acne flare-ups. Primers are designed to create a barrier between your skin and makeup, which can interfere with the application of mineral makeup. This barrier may prevent the minerals from properly blending with your skin, leading to a cakey or chalky appearance. 

To achieve flawless makeup results, start by applying our mineral veils powder as a primer before your foundation. Don't forget to moisturize your skin beforehand for a perfect finish.