Picture Perfect Bridal Set

Are you unsure about what makeup to use for your upcoming wedding? Check out our specially curated picture-perfect bridal set. 

This ideal bridal ensemble is perfect for anyone with an upcoming wedding who wants to look flawless! Whether you are the bride-to-be, a stunning bridesmaid, or a lovely wedding guest, we guarantee that this set will have you covered and looking perfect for the occasion! 

The bridal set is designed to help you look flawless on your special day, with everything you need for touch-ups. It includes two foundations for customization, along with a variety of other products and tools to enhance your beauty. 

This is perfect for someone looking for a complete set of mineral makeup, including:

  • 2 Foundations - 10ml Jar with Sifter

Discover your perfect tone to ensure you look stunning on your special day. 

  • 1 Miracle Veil - 10ml Jar with Sifter

For that flawless finish in your picture-perfect look, simply add this ion before or after your foundation. 

  • 1 Concealer – 10ml Jar with Sifter

For a flawless complexion, use this product to brighten your eyes and conceal any imperfections on your face! 

  • 1 Corrector – Green – 10ml Jar with Sifter

This will help eliminate your red patches so that you don't appear to have varying colors in all of your photos! 

  • 1 Corrector – Yellow – 10ml Jar with Sifter

This corrector is designed for the opposite effect, brightening up any dark patches so that your skin looks perfectly even! 

  • 1 Blusher – 10ml Jar with Sifter

Blusher will enhance the natural color of your cheeks, giving you a radiant glow and a boost of happiness! 

  • 1 Illuminating Highlighter – 10ml Jar with Sifter

Apply this product strategically to enhance your features for stunning photos. Perfect for professional photography! 

  • 1 Pro Kabuki Brush in Pouch

This travel brush is ideal for on-the-go, measuring just 6cm x 3cm. It's perfect for applying all your mineral makeup. 

  • 1 NC-INC Box

This container holds all of your makeup and provides an easy storage solution for keeping everything organized. 

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