NC-INC’S 10 Minute Makeup Routine

NC-INC’S 10 Minute Makeup Routine

Are you always on the go? In need of a quick makeup routine that will have you looking flawless in just 10 minutes? Look no further! We have put together a simple 10-minute makeup routine for you to follow using products from NC-INC. 

Cleanse and massage your skin

To ensure optimal results from your makeup application, it is crucial to first cleanse and massage your skin. This step will help prep your skin for makeup, resulting in a smoother finish. For best results, use a mild soap and warm water to cleanse your face before applying makeup products. 


After washing your face, be sure to apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin. This will provide extra protection against damage and create a smooth base for makeup application. It is recommended to choose a light moisturizer for best results. 

Apply the foundation

To achieve great results, make sure to use NC-INC mineral foundation on your clean, moisturized skin. This lightweight foundation provides a flawless finish and works well on all skin types. Get ready for a perfect application that will leave your skin looking amazing. 

Apply concealer

After finishing applying the foundation, move on to applying the concealer. Use it to cover up any dark circles or blemishes on your skin. 


Once the concealer has been applied, gently blush your cheeks for approximately 30 seconds, paying special attention to your cheekbones. It is important to have a clear understanding of how to properly apply blush before proceeding. Choose the appropriate color of blush for your skin tone to enhance your natural beauty and achieve the best results. 

Apply eyeliner

Now you can proceed with applying eyeliner. To stick to your 10-minute makeup routine, avoid using liquid eyeliner and opt for soft eyeliner instead. Crayon-type eyeliners are recommended for achieving the best results. With this type of pencil, you can carefully outline your eyes for stunning results. 


When doing your 10-minute makeup routine, remember to always include mascara. You can opt to just wear mascara without any eyeshadow or other makeup, as it can instantly make your eyes stand out. Additionally, mascara can help enhance your overall appearance and give you the confidence boost you need. 

Eye shadow

This step is not mandatory and can be skipped if you are short on time. Using mascara and eyeliner will enhance the definition of your eyes, but adding eyeshadow can bring an extra touch of glamour. Combining all three will help you achieve a flawless look. 


Finally, don't forget to apply lip gloss and focus on enhancing your lips. Invest in a long-lasting lip gloss for the best results.

Remember to stick to this quick 10-minute makeup routine to achieve a flawless look. Consider purchasing a makeup kit from NC-INC to help you achieve your desired look.