A Day In The Life Of An NC-INC Ambassador Team Member

A Day In The Life Of An NC-INC Ambassador Team Member

Need more information on what is involved in our affiliate program? Then look no further.

Jessi here! I'm the affiliate program manager for NC-INC. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm a 25-year-old beautician and photographer, the proud owner of jessi lauren.

Check out my website at www.jessilaurenphotography-beautytherapy.com. 

With a deep passion for beauty and excellence, I bring 9 years of experience to my dedicated beauty services. Beauty holds a special place in my heart, and I take pride in offering a personal yet professional experience with a wide range of treatments. I continuously update my skills to stay current with the latest trends and techniques. My ultimate goal is for my clients to leave feeling amazing. I discovered NC-INC. on Instagram while researching vegan makeup brands for a bridal trial. I wanted to try mineral makeup for the first time and have been impressed with the products ever since. They have been by my side for bridal makeup across the country, and everyone loves the results. 

My adoration for the company continued to flourish, allowing me to engage in activities that brought me joy. Creating tutorials, blogs, and social media posts while being paid for using products I adored felt like a no-brainer. Starting my average day with my makeup routine, I meticulously document my setup, considering elements like brushes, lighting, mirrors, and textures. Keeping my workspace clean and organized is essential for optimal content creation. Setting up my ring light, I focus on showcasing the product I am featuring while filming my makeup application process. It's important to not worry about making mistakes and simply focus on being comfortable during the content creation process. 
Editing is the most crucial aspect for me as it can completely transform content. I use various apps depending on the type of content I am creating. For videos, I enjoy using Facetune for whitening teeth. For arranging videos and adjusting sizes for different social platforms, I rely on an app called Splice. When it comes to photo content, I absolutely love Lightroom, especially with the use of presets, which make editing photos a breeze. Purchasing presets from Etsy also supports small businesses, giving a sense of accomplishment. After editing, I either post the content or save it for later use. Captions and hashtags play a vital role in increasing interaction from the audience. My tip would be to research and feel free to borrow ideas from others, just aim to improve and make them bigger and better. Remember to send the content directly to the company, as this will enhance the quality for their benefit. 

It's that simple! I hope this advice helps with your content creation. Good luck, you've got this!