Reasons Why You Should Use Mineral Makeup

Reasons Why You Should Use Mineral Makeup

In this blog, let's talk about why it's time to say goodbye to your old makeup and make the switch to Mineral Makeup. Mineral Makeup has transformed my outlook on cosmetics. As someone with oily skin, I used to struggle to find a foundation that looked flawless. Now, with Mineral Makeup, my skin looks and feels amazing every day. 

Mineral makeup is suitable for all skin types and ages, including those with dry skin! NCInc's Mineral Formulas are designed to work effectively on various skin types, including dry skin. Don't be sceptical about using powder makeup for dry skin, as it can work wonders. For more makeup tips specifically for dry skin, check out our blog post on Tips for dry skin. 

NCinc's mineral makeup is free of cruelty. NCinc ensure that no animals are tested as we strongly oppose animal testing and cruelty. All of our ingredients are safe and natural for the skin. Our makeup is vegan-friendly and organic. 

NCInc's makeup is specifically designed for sensitive skin. If you have conditions like Rosacea, it can be difficult to find makeup that won't exacerbate your skin issues. NCInc's formulas are fragrance-free, reducing the risk of irritation for those with sensitive or injured skin. Visit our website for a full list of ingredients in NCInc products. 

Extended durability. Most makeup products have an expiration date, and once it's reached, it's time to toss them out to avoid damaging your skin. However, Mineral makeup, such as NCInc's, lasts longer on the shelf compared to other foundations like liquid foundation. This is due to the absence of ingredients that promote bacterial growth in the formula. With mineral makeup, you truly get the most out of your investment. 

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