Prowedding Tips When Using Mineral Makeup

Pro-wedding Tips When Using Mineral Makeup

In 2020, embracing individuality is key, especially when it comes to makeup and creating your best self! Wedding planning can be overwhelming with countless decisions to make, but one easy choice is using mineral makeup for your bridal look. Make sure to use high-quality products for lasting memories in photos. Don't overlook the importance of your makeup as a bride, as it can truly make or break your pictures. Follow these tips to enhance your fair skin without drawing unwanted attention. 

Less is more when it comes to foundation, but that doesn't mean going barefaced! The key is to apply thin layers for long-lasting makeup, whether you're going for a natural or full-coverage look. The NC-INC. mineral foundation is a great option for achieving this. This technique also applies to contouring, blushing, and highlighting. The fine layers of mineral makeup give the illusion of a flawless yet natural complexion that lasts all day. You'll be winning with this makeup hack! 

HD cameras are unforgiving, showing every flaw on the skin such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and poorly applied makeup. To achieve a natural look, it is essential to use a full-coverage foundation and concealer combination. Mineral foundation and makeup are recommended for brides as they provide the desired natural coverage. Jessi Lauren, owner of Jessi Lauren Beauty, emphasizes the importance of this step for flawless, pore-free skin. She recommends using NC-INC as it is the best product she has ever used for bridal makeup. 

At NC-INC, we strongly advocate for the idea that practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to your bridal look. Whether you're doing your own makeup or hiring a professional artist, we recommend that brides take the time to practice their look before the big day. This way, any imperfections can be fixed and there is no need to stress on the day of your wedding. Jessi shared with us, "I feel confident knowing ahead of time exactly what we are doing and what products I'll be using." Don't rely solely on mirrors - just like in the movie 'Clueless', take a cue from Cher and do a few test photos with and without flash to ensure your final look is exactly what you envision.