Makeup Trends You Disliked

Makeup Trends You Disliked

Makeup trends are constantly evolving and changing with the times. It's normal to not be a fan of every new trend that emerges, as you have experienced in the past. Let's revisit some of the makeup trends that didn't quite resonate with you. These trends have fallen out of favor and it's likely because they didn't resonate with a majority of people. 

Ombre lips

The ombre lips makeup trend exploded on social media but quickly fizzled out due to its impracticality for everyday wear. The constant eating, drinking, and talking that comes with daily life caused the ombre lips to become messy and unappealing. This resulted in people abandoning the trend, as it simply wasn't sustainable for most. If you've tried it before, chances are you weren't a fan either. 

Overdoing when filling the eyebrows

Another major makeup trend that gained popularity was the excessive filling of eyebrows. Celebrities like Meghan Markle were seen sporting this trend, but it was later discovered that overly thick eyebrows can draw attention away from other facial features. Eyebrows play a crucial role in framing the face and are often the first thing people notice. Instead of using dark colours, it is recommended to create hair-like strokes for a more natural look. This trend ultimately failed to take off due to its distracting nature. 

Overlining the lips

While overlining the lips was seen as a way for women to achieve fuller, more luscious lips, many despised this makeup trend. Women soon realized that this trick was not as subtle as they had hoped, and instead of enhancing the fullness of their lips, it often had the opposite effect, making their mouths look unnatural. There are plenty of other methods to make lips appear fuller, so it's best to explore these options rather than resorting to overlining. 

Applying too much highlighter

We all enjoy achieving a radiant glow with our makeup products, which is why the trend of using highlighter to create a metallic or silver look emerged. Unfortunately, the results of this trend often appeared unnatural and artificial. An example of this is when celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff commented that the makeup was excessive. It is more beneficial to enhance our natural beauty without appearing fake. Therefore, this makeup trend is not recommended to be followed and has been disliked by many in recent times. 

Worn off lips

Upon examining past lip makeup trends, it becomes apparent that the trend of worn off lips was once popular. However, it quickly fell out of favour as it failed to maintain women's desired appearance throughout the day. 

The evolution of makeup trends is evident as time progresses. Styles that endure become classics, while those we dislike are quickly replaced. Keeping up with these changes allows you to maintain a stylish and attractive appearance.