How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes!

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? It is recommended to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes at least every two weeks! In this blog post, let's talk about the importance of keeping your makeup tools clean and provide step-by-step instructions on how to properly wash them. 

Properly cleaning your makeup brushes is essential for achieving a flawless makeup application. Neglecting to wash your brushes can result in uneven coverage, acne breakouts, and blackheads due to the build-up of oils and bacteria. The hidden chemicals and germs lurking in your brushes and sponges can impact the overall look and health of your skin. 

Using dirty brushes is just as harmful as using fake beauty products, as they can have negative effects on your skin. It is important to properly clean your brushes to avoid any potential issues. So, how can you effectively clean your brushes? 

Be sure to pick a day when you have no commitments, allowing enough time for your brushes to dry completely before using them again. Collect all your supplies and make your way to the sink! Start by rinsing your brush with water, then apply your preferred brush cleanser and work it into the bristles until they are completely clean. Rinse under warm water until the water runs clear, making sure all traces of cleanser and old product are removed. Gently squeeze out any excess water, then softly rub the brush on a paper towel to absorb any remaining moisture without altering the shape of the bristles. 

For a deep clean, fully immerse the sponge in water and wash it with soap. Repeat this process a few times to remove any old product deep within the sponge. Squeeze the sponge well to ensure all old product and water are removed. Regularly replace sponges to prevent bacterial buildup.