How To Blend Mineral Makeup

Newcomers to mineral makeup may find using loose powder as a foundation intimidating. One common question we get is how to apply and blend the foundation for an even coverage. Rest assured, achieving a flawless look with a loose powder foundation is simpler than you may believe. 

NCinc’s single jars are equipped with a sifter for easy use. To apply the foundation, simply tip the product into the lid of the jar. For the most even application, use NCinc’s Kabuki Brush. Dip the brush into the product in the jar lid, tap off any excess, and dab it onto your face, gently blending in circular motions from the inside out. For more coverage, repeat the process on areas that need it, like redness or blemishes. Don't forget to blend along the jawline, neck, and hairline for a seamless and natural finish! 

The Kabuki Brush is compatible with all of our Mineral products. Keep in mind that powder products may require extra blending time compared to liquid foundation, but the end results are truly stunning!