You may have heard of highlighting and contouring, even if you're not obsessed with beauty products. These techniques are popular because they can transform your face, sculpting and refining your features to enhance your favourite parts. Whether you're getting ready for a special date night or just experimenting with new looks, highlighting and contouring can be a fun way to play with makeup. 

Applying the product

Tutorials may seem daunting and make it seem like you need to use a ton of makeup, but the key thing to remember when attempting any new makeup technique is that you can keep it as simple or as dramatic as you'd like to achieve the desired results. To keep things easy, this week's focus will be solely on mastering the art of highlighting. Be sure to return next week for the contour lesson, giving you ample time to perfect your glowing technique. 

Highlighting serves to accentuate and draw attention to specific areas of the skin. It can come in matte or shimmer finishes. At NC-INC, we prefer to use shimmer for a radiant and natural glow. We highly recommend incorporating shimmer highlighter into your routine. For optimal results, focus on applying highlighter to the following three areas: 

  • Below your eyes, tracing along your cheekbone.

  • Descending toward the bridge of your nose.

  • Sweeping across the high points of your cheeks, extending slightly beyond the outer edges of your eyes. 

Practice Makes Perfect

It's time to put your new highlighting skills to the test! Share photos of your best highlighter looks on Instagram from today's lesson. Don't forget to tag us with @naturalcosmeticsinc and #NC-INC-HIGHLIGHT for a chance to be featured on our page!