Autumn Tips!

Autumn Tips!

Farewell summer, hello Autumn! Who doesn't adore this season? The chilly evenings and pumpkin spice lattes are just the beginning. My favourite part of Autumn is watching the leaves change colours, inspiring me to create some stunning makeup looks. It's time to swap out the vibrant shades for darker, smokier tones! In this blog, I'll be sharing some makeup and skincare tips for the cooler weather ahead. If you're new to Autumn makeup, check out our blog on creating an easy mineral makeup look with NCinc products. 

One of my top recommendations is a makeup tip! During the fall season, a smokey eye is always a crowd favourite. Achieve the perfect soft smokey look with NCinc's Mineral Eyeliner. Pair it with soft nude eyeshadow shades for a beautifully blended look. Find out how to use NCinc's Mineral Eyeliner in our blog post "New Products for July: Mineral Eyeliner & Illuminating Highlighter." For an added touch, consider pairing it with a dark lipstick, such as a plum shade, to enhance the smokey eye look! 

Cold weather always leaves my skin feeling dry and uncomfortable, especially when it comes to applying makeup. I hate the way my foundation starts to look flaky as soon as I step outside. Not only does it irritate my skin, but it also ruins the makeup look that I worked so hard to achieve. To combat this issue, I suggest using a hydrating primer. This will not only keep your skin feeling fresh under your makeup, but it will also prevent any flakiness from occurring. Trust me, it's a game-changer! 

Don't forget to take care of your lips too during the cold weather, especially if you love wearing lipstick like me! It's important to always have a hydrating lip balm with you when you're on the go. The cold can dry out your lips and lead to painful cracking if they're not kept moisturized. If you prefer matte lipstick, be sure to apply lip balm beforehand to keep your lips smooth and make application easier. 

I hope you find this blog helpful! Have you considered trying out an Autumn smokey look?