How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes

Choosing the right eyeliner can enhance any eye makeup look. Whether you opt for a bold and dramatic style or a softer, more blended look, it's crucial to take into account your eye shape to achieve the best results. Experimenting with different eyeliner shapes can transform the appearance of your eyes, so it's essential to find what works best for you and the overall look you're aiming for. With various common eye shapes, you may find that you have a mix of a few of them. 

Hooded Eyes

Having hooded eyes means that the crease of your eye is not visible when looking straight ahead due to excess skin folding over it. While this eye shape is common, it can be challenging to apply eyeliner as there is limited space to work with and a higher risk of the liner transferring to the upper lid.

For hooded eyes, a thin tight eyeliner close to the lash line is recommended to enhance depth to the lashes. When creating a winged eyeliner look, it is best to apply the liner with your eyes open to ensure the desired outcome when your eyes are open or looking straight. Applying eyeliner with closed eyes may result in a different appearance than expected. 

Winged eyeliner tutorial for hooded eyes:

  1. Make sure your eyes are open and looking forward.

  2. Draw a line from the outside corner of your eye, towards the corner of your eyebrow (but not as high as your eyebrow!) at a 45-degree angle.

  3. From the end of that wing, draw a line back to your lash line. The thickness of the wing will depend on the angle of this line. 

  4. Then fill in the gap created.

  5. Finally, add a thin line of the liner just above the lash line (for this part, if it’s easier to have your eyes closed that’s fine).

Almond Eyes

Almond-shaped eyes have a similar shape to almonds. This eye shape hides the whites of the eye both above and below the iris. Any eyeliner can complement almond-shaped eyes. However, it is important to take into account the amount of visible lid space. If there is limited eyelid space, using thick eyeliner may make the eyes appear narrower. 

Round Eyes

If your eyes are round, you should be able to see the white surrounding the iris when looking straight into a mirror. To create a longer eye shape, use an extended flick-winged eyeliner. The "cat eyeliner" look can also help elongate your eyes. 

Cat Eyeliner Tutorial:

  1. First draw a line from the outside corner of your eye, towards the end of your brow at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Next, connect the end of your wing back to your lash line. If you want a thick wing, you will connect the wing further across the eye (more towards the centre of the eye), if you want a thinner wing you will connect the wing further towards the outside corner of the eye.
  3. Then fill in the gap created.
  4. Next, create a very thin line of the liner just above the lash line.
  5. Finally, add liner to the inside corner of the eye, with a small amount on the lower lash line in the inside corner of your eye.

Deep Set Eyes

If you have deep-set eyes with a prominent brow bone, your eyes may appear smaller. To make them look bigger, try applying a thin eyeliner just above your lash line. For a winged liner, opt for a thin wing rather than a thick one to avoid making your eyes look smaller. Keeping the wing straight instead of going upwards can also help widen your eyes. To further enhance the appearance of your eyes, avoid using a black pencil in your waterline and opt for a nude pencil instead. 

Mono Lid Eye

If you have a monolid eye shape, which lacks a crease, using eyeliner can help enhance its natural shape. Try applying a slightly thicker line of eyeliner at the center of your eyelid and extending it towards the outer corner, finishing with a small straight flick. Cat eyeliner is also a great option for accentuating this eye shape. 

Upturned Eyes

An upturned eye occurs when the outer corners of your eye are pulled upwards. To balance out this shape, consider using a straight winged liner rather than flicking it upwards. Another option is to experiment with a "V shaped" eyeliner, where a wing on the outer corner is connected to the lower lash line to create a V shape on the outer corner of your eye. 

Downturned Eyes

For downturned eyes, the corner of the eyes is lower than the inner corner. To enhance this eye shape, we suggest a thick winged eyeliner flicked upwards towards the eyebrow at a 45-degree angle, along with a thin line of liner close to the lash line. This technique helps create the illusion of uplifted eyes. To balance out the eyes, avoid using a black pencil on the waterline and opt for a nude pencil instead.

While these eyeliner styles are typically ideal for downturned eyes, it's important to remember that there are no set rules in makeup. It's beneficial to experiment with different techniques to see what works best for you!